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Unity – Sprite Creation & Level Design

Throughout the development of our project I was given the task of creating sprites for the game, I was given a list of items that I was to complete and shared them around with our group so we could share our files. I used Adobe Illustrator for the sprites and creating some background layers to follow the theme of the game taking inspiration from ‘Everyday the Same Dream’. Throughout the development of these items I explored the aspect of building up layers of background to explore the aspect of the user following bullion statements, this was to branch the narrative out into an overarching statement to give the player a sense of immersion and exploration while having a different experience grounded in a set beginning and end.


Car Journey:

I choose to follow pursuit with creating four different seasons starting in autumn progressing to summer this was to show the environment becoming more polluted/bare over time involving more pollution and the character getting weaker the more he worked inside the toxic factory.










The further we developed our game James decided to develop the backgrounds to include more illustrations of pollution as my background were only at a basic level of where we wanted to be for the alpha stage, I was happy with this implementation and agree that it was the correct choice for our project.

Mini Games/Factory:

After the car journey, I developed the backgrounds for the factory minigame I created them bare so we could implement the sprites within the Unity Environment. The windows were to highlight the pollution in the city and the factory machinery exhausting smoke.






Separated sprites to allow sprite switching on the trigger with an incinerator.









Rubbish that was to be included in the mini-games onto the conveyor belt, we choose to include these along on the car journey and the dump site and made the rubbish cubes part of our mini-game.






Forklift & lorry to be included in mini-game 3 as you pick up barrels and dump them into the truck for waste management. We separated the sprites to allow user control and feedback of sprites.








I created a branching narrative to allow the user the choice of a bullion statement whether the would turn up to work and how this would affect pollution and company targets, we decided as a group this feature was too difficult to implement with our knowledge of the Unity engine and would rather spend time developing a working prototype.


Overall I am proud of the stage our project is at, I’m happy with the sprites we have developed and how we have implemented them to allow user control and feedback. these sprites have been used to their potential instigating spawners on the factory lines and within the mini game 3. If I were to re-do this project in the future I would have liked to explore how we could incorporate more bullion statements into our narrative to allow the user more choice but as a team, we decided a linear narrative would suit our time frame and allow the project to be completed.


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