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Passage Released by Jason Rohrer (2007), follows a simulation of life and death with how you age, how your memories condense behind you and how you die. You can take different routes but you cannot go backwards, Passage is split between two bullion statements whether or not you meet your wife, if you don’t meet the girl sprite you’ll progress through the levels so much easier and be allowed to maneuver more freely but if you do mee the girl sprite you’ll be blocked from certain routes and narrative to follow. We felt that this was an anti-female perspective as if you don’t meet this woman you will be successful in your life which I personally don’t agree with.

As you progress through this title the beginning is blurry and it is unclear how to progress through the levels but as you progress your memories become a blur of what was behind you, you cannot revisit the sequence of event to add the element the moment. There isn’t any plot behind this title it is a reflective piece that educates the user through semiotic play create a reflective stance on life on how they should treat every moment and with pride and accomplishment, we can choose to maximize the pixelated characters life by discovering treasure chests concluding upon death and a high score.

Throughout our structured study, Adam & James both played passage and experience two different narratives from the simple interaction with the female leading to an alternative narrative devoid from the other narrative. With both of these narratives, it employs the idealistic human nature of civilization some prefer to be alone gather resources and die where others prefer to interact with one another and build connections. The score element in this game inspired us to possibly include a score element into our title, this mechanic shows us the effect of capitalism in wider society we work all of our lives to amass a high score(money) but it means nothing to us whenever we die which is the sad reality of global society.


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