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Take-aways from Into the Night with Jason Rohrer and Chris Crawford

To take the focus off the graphics and to make people say well I’m not here for the visual spectacle, what am I here for? I’m here to think what am I doing I’m here to think why the designer created this particular set of interactions and what they might mean

I like a rule book that explains everything but then on the other hand I like the thought of ‘The Expression is in the Emergence’

graphical sugar, for example when you shoot a monster there’s a pool of blood, but you can interact with that pool of blood you can’t stand on it you can’t slip on it, Its there solely for entertainment effect there’s no logical purpose for that component inside the game.

There are a lot of people who want to just go in and fuck around with a computer and make cute things happen, and that is not game design.  They come up with come clever graphics trick and then say how can we make this into a game?

The ‘Glassy eye’d stare’ – being in the zone while playing video games surpasses the conscious mind. Game designers are acutely aware of this and that’s why they like to wrap themselves in the robes of art. Crawford states that this is a result of game designers who feel guilty about their sorted games trying to rationalise them as art.

On this next generation of consoles there are these games were you seriously sit there and it’s a 12-hour game but 6 hours are completely not interactive, you are instead presented with these high polished 3 dimensional movies.

Can a computer make you cry?


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