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The Majesty of Colors

Developed by Gregory Weir in 2008, The Majesty of Colors is an interactive, story based game where you play as a Krakin like beast beneath the surface of the ocean and the narrative follows the creature as it encounters humanity for the very first time.

The player controls are straight forward, the player interacts using the single tentacle displayed on the screen and it’s a click and hold to pick objects up and then releasing the mouse to release them the mechanics are similar to games like ‘I Wish I Were The Moon’ in that you can interact with the in game objects as well as there being multiple endings players can play through, only in Weir’s The Majesty of Colors, the outcomes depend on what way you play each situation you can choose to be a kind and caring sea creature who helps fisherman feed their families, save little girls who would otherwise be eaten alive by hungry sharks or be a merciless beast who drowns that same little girl and battles the humans who fire torpedoes at you as a result of killing the little girl.

The 8-bit pixelated art style was executed exceptionally in this game it leaves the scenarios open to our own projections of the ‘characters’ we create our own back stories and along with the personal monologue fully immerses the players in the world of the see creature which is a perfect example of how games can create a different form of understanding for each player, its entirely up to you how you play out this game, you create your own meaning, your own outcomes and then reflect differently.

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