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Everyday the Same Dream

Everyday the Same Dream released by Molleindustria (2009) developed in six days at the Experimental Gameplays project under the category of “art game”. Throughout my experience of Everyday the Same Dream I got to experience the life of a blue-collar American suffering underneath capitalistic rule doing a repetitive job everyday, as he is merely just a cog in a bigger machine.

As you explore your day you are allowed to explore the scenes around you and to further pus the boundaries of the narrative at play, through explorign and deterring away from the narrative that has been presented we can investigate and explore moments to enjoy in nature.; generating meaningful play through educational semiotics allowing the user to empathize with the smaller moments in life and to take more pleasure in those moments. I agree with this narrative civil society mentally need to take a step back away from the reality of capitalism and enjoy the smaller moments in life, to not be surrounded by a screen and live in the present building iconic memories.  Throughout this experience, I was reminded of another ‘art game’ Alz which creates meaning through play by educating the user through semiotics by educating the user about dementia through a somewhat cinematic narrative as it is devoid of traditional mechanics/controls addressing reality and the issues in envelopes.

I enjoyed the vector art style and the aesthetic they followed in this title, the sprites were sharp had a consistent color scheme and highlighted sprites which whom you could interact with, the issue of depression is at play here with the bland monotone sprites representing an unenjoyable world. For our project, I feel it would be a wise decision to follow in the narrative tropes that Everyday the Same Dream displays but present our ideas in a transformative and educational manner on pollution. We can explore our title mainly as a art game with a strong narrative as I feel that the story is always more important than the mechanics at play following the 1:9:90 rule.

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