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One Chance

One Chance, released by Dean Moynihan (2010) at the Awkward Silence Games, One Chance is a short narrative story that follows John Pilgrim a scientist who discovers the cure for cancer and releases it globally, but in thus the world crumbles around him within the short span of six days. The procedural rhetoric generated creates meaning through play as it creates the semiotic of educating the user about the consequence of their actions each decision small or minor has an impact on the wider narrative at play. The browser is cached only to allow a single playthrough of this game using IP address technology. there are ways to negate this technology but it is an interesting mechanic that I haven’t seen implemented before; allowing for only one narrative to be explored per user.

We could explore this mechanic within our game only allowing for one playthrough of each bullion statement allowing the user to only explore a single narrative, with mass marketability it would be good to get qualitative data from user feedback through a forum, how they felt the narrative displayed dealt with the issues we presented and what choices they made. Although with us only learning Unity this feature will not be implemented as we would rather focus on pushing for an alpha build.

As a group we discussed the concept of a branching narrative through bullion statements, we discussed allowing the player to go to work, collect wage, becoming sicker due to harsh toxic work conditions and whether to choose to go to work and pollute the environment more or stay at home get flack from work, diminish targets but protecting the environment by doing thus the health of the player would improve. Due to the limitations of our development knowledge, we decided  to follow a single narrative where the player can only go to work, meet targets, gain income and become ill as time went on through the seasons educating the user on the toxic environment we are all obliviously creating through fossil fuels and toxic waste.

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