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Future Energy Networks

This reading covers the connection between games and game-like methods that support necessary transitions to more sustainable energy practices in order to decrease household or commercial energy use, to increase energy efficiency and to adapt renewable energy products.  As well as identifying emerging potentials for sustainable energy games to link with data in the real world. It is the lack of understanding and trust from the general public in energy providers, along with other issues such as the difficulty read or visually monitor the exact amount of energy a household uses, and the over generalised data realised annually by government research. That being said there are some systems and devices in place that give users slightly more precise readings of the energy consumed however these methods to sustain lower amounts of energy usage have proven to be otherwise ineffective.

Future Energy Networks discusses Bogost’s concept of how procedural rhetoric focuses on the power of games to persuade and argue that games can deliver meaningful experiences by introducing players to processes of interaction which can be used to reinforce an argument. As well as addressing Gonzalo Frasca’s (one of the lead developers in September 12th) argument that simulations in game worlds are not abstract as they represent real relationships between realistic values. Games are particularly suited to be linked to scientific models to give users a better understanding of spatial-temporal dynamics, however that being said games that reach that level of complexity are the triple A titles or bigger budget commercial games rather than informative or educational games.

Despite games being structured by computational algorithms as opposed to environmental conditions, the principle still remains. So, if educational or environmental games were produced in the right manner they could create life like models relating to real time data and have a real impact on a user and their energy consumption by engaging users to think more effectively and pragmatically about their energy consumption in a life like game model it would have a positive impact on their understanding real energy usage.

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