Raiders of the Lost Art Raiders of the Lost Art



Week 1

Welcome Employee No. 2456 to your new role as waste disposal at our company, I will be your supervisor for the length of time you are with us. I’ll help by assisting you on your path to success.

Welcome to your very own top of the range company car. Your welcome. Press the Right Arrow key to accelerate. Don’t be late but please enjoy the beautiful views, while you can.

Please grab a protective suit as the old company moto goes, ‘Your no good to us dead eh’.

For your first job you will be in control of the conveyer belt press SPACE to pull the lever and incinerate that garbage!!! Ah 10 should it for now.

Ahhh I good days work now hurry on home, up bright and early for tomorrow and every other day.

Week 2

Wakey wakey 2456 time to get up you start your new position today not too different from the one you’ve been doing.

Ah I see the cars still running smoothly, god smell that fresh air!

Don’t forget your rus#* I mean trusty protection suit!

Okay now same principle as before press SPACE to pull the lever and transfer all that chemical waste into those nice ecofriendly containers.

Excellent work today now hurry on home also I need to you work late again for the next few weeks, that’s not going to be a problem is it?

Week 3

Okay up you get! BEEP BEEP BEEP come on! You look like a breath of fresh air I don’t know what all this complaining is about. Come on you can move faster than that your going to be late.

Okay your starting to piss me off put your foot down and do not be late or I swear to god!

Put that suit on we don’t want you catching anything.

Now you’re on a new machine today, hopefully it moves a little faster than you press the Left and Right Arrows to move and SPACE to yell for someone to through you down another barrel 10 again would be appreciated. And none of that coughing and wheezing business someone else has to use that suit you know.

Okay then sludge on home I guess we’ll see you tomorrow

Week 4

Okay dead beat up you get. God this place stinks it’s your responsibility to clean this place you know. Oh for the love of god move!

Ill see you in there, get to work before tomorrow and don’t be late.

Were not even putting you in the factory today go get in the truck your on disposal duties. Left and Right to drive, and don’t run off a cliff that trucks just new.

When you get to the edge press SPACE to dispose of the waste correctly.


It was clear that we wanted to show the deterioration of both our main character and the city and to clearly link the damage towards the lifestyle and job our character has within our game. So, the best way to encapsulate that was to show his everyday life through the course of 4 quarters of a year, building on the professional quota/targets someone in our characters job would be set. I wanted to do this as I thought we could add an interesting branch onto our narrative in that the player would start on day one of his new job, onscreen text would work as a supervisor, giving both context and instructions through the level and as the player gets progressively sicker working in his new environment until the point of exhaustion, and then the game starts a new level with a brand-new
character and the game ends. This would represent company’s ideologies towards their employees reinforcing the argument that employees are just a number on a spreadsheet, disposable just like the waste. Below is our linked released game we hope you enjoy the experience we have developed.

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